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Why outsource procurement to The Apertus Group?

It is easy to forget the true cost of procuring products and services for your business. Hours can be spent on sourcing and negotiation that is rarely accounted for.

By letting The Apertus Group manage procurement you are getting the benefit of using our team that has years of experience in sourcing and negotiating the best deals with quality suppliers. Resulting in saving your business both time and money.

All of our procurement projects are fully transparent and managed by category experts with years of experience in their fields.

Apertus Energy

Approaching your gas and electricity without being linked to any one of the large energy companies, gives us the freedom to create competition for your contract. We believe this is the only way to drive down price to ensure you get the best deal.

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FINAL_Apertus Print

The print industry is one close to the heart of The Apertus Group. By offering our clients a print management solution, we can really add value to your business with the right print at the right price for your company. By having a huge portfolio of print suppliers behind The Apertus Group, we can ensure you get the right printed products whether it's paper based, clothing, signage or anything else. You get access to all our trusted suppliers with our high level of customer service.

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FINAL_Apertus Water

Water seems to be the forgotten utility. We want you to be happy with all of your suppliers and use our industry knowledge to ensure the supplier is working for you. Whether you have meter issues, leaks or just need to check your contract to ensure you are on the best deal, we can help you at The Apertus Group. - 77% of dissatisfied customers who switched water suppliers in 2018 were unhappy because of billing issues which we could help you to resolve.

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FINAL_Apertus Coms

The telecommunications industry has some of the draw backs of the utility industry. Bills are long, full of “jargon” and often offer a service that few truly understand. At Apertus Telecommunications, our frank and honest advice cuts through the unknown, giving you clarity on what your business needs. Our strong relationships with our suppliers allows us to deliver this with our amazing levels of service, our open approach on costs and our great track record of delivering time after time.
In April 2018 www.finder.com found that 230,000 small businesses in the UK can’t access decent broadband. Maybe we can help…

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FINAL_Apertus Auto

Choosing who should source your next vehicle is a major deal. We have a massive passion for vehicles as well as customer service. Whether it is a lease or vehicle sourcing, you should be offered open and honest advice about what is best for you, without any of the “car salesman” draw backs. At Apertus Automotive we will do our homework, go away and come back to you with the best options from our dedicated supplies for you to make the choice that’s right for you… because purchasing your next vehicle should be easy.

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