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We help businesses get more value from their energy and water contracts, reduce their energy and water consumption, and lower their carbon footprint.


Businesses across the UK and Ireland rely on Apertus for their energy and water management needs. With a wide range of energy procurement strategies and access to business tariffs from major gas and electricity suppliers, we provide businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive utility management service. Our solution combines procurement with products and services that can reduce your energy and water consumption by identifying where, when and how you are using energy and water.

From getting a quote for your energy to helping you reduce your energy and water consumption, we are the only utilities experts you need.

Act now to start saving energy. At Apertus we are passionate about helping every size of business reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint. We can help you reduce your consumption even if you have already entered into an energy contract.

If you’d like more information about any of our services or want to discuss how we can help you reduce your energy consumption, please click 'Get in Touch' and fill in the form. We will get straight back to you.

Petro Perutskyi

'The cost of electricity, gas and water is a major overhead for most businesses. Let us give you an idea of your potential savings by uploading one of your utility bills...