We pride ourselves on our innovative procurement model. Exceptional levels of customer service are at the heart of The Apertus Group. We are passionate about saving businesses money and making sure they are getting the best possible service and products on the market.  With hundreds of different options on offer from dozens of suppliers in today's fast paced world, having an expert on your side to reduce uncertainty and help pick the right options and contract terms for your business will save you time and give you peace of mind.

The process we follow with every client is to listen and gain a full understanding before identifying how we can help.

Having experts who understand the Energy, Water, Automotive, Print and Communications industries inside out allows us to provide our clients with a level of services that exceed their expectations.

Amy Windows

Amy Windows

Group Operations Manager
Amy joined the Apertus Group from a large Aggregator to become our Group Operations Manager. Amy’s knowledge and relationships in the energy industry coupled with her commitment to the customer is exactly why she sits atop all aspects of the business operationally. Amy is committed to ensuring that the team have all the tools they need to make your customer experience is the best it could possibly be.

mikey reid

Mikey Reid

Business Procurement Consultant – Energy and Water
Mikey’s passion is hugely customer led when it comes to all thing’s sales. His background is energy but don’t let that fool you…. Mikey’s attention to detail and methodical research will mean he will fit seamlessly into your company to provide your company with what you want but more importantly what you need for your utility. Try him, we bet you’ll be impressed…….


Darren Morgan

Business Procurement Consultant Automotive and Communications
Darren is through and through Apertus. Coining the phrase “then we Apertus it” when he first joined us showed his infectious passion for helping customers get the right product at the right price while ensuring the service is second to none. Darren’s background is Automotive and Telecoms and his standout qualities help your company to get the best deal possible.

Katie Sanders

Katie Sanders

Group Administration
Katie joined The Apertus Group as a business apprentice and has very quickly made her own role within the company. Operationally sitting in the Automotive side of the group, Katie has become a tough negotiator already and is solely responsible for onboarding and defleeting all our vehicles. Her tenacity to ensure the companies service is on point means that no matter what you receive from us, you will always get the same customer service.

Grant McKenna

Managing Director
Grant started The Apertus Group after seeing flaws in how the energy industry dealt with clients. Wanting the clients to receive a great level of customer service in an unregulated industry should not be too much to ask. Picking up the strain in the markets that customers are not experts in and frankly don’t have the time to be. Grant wanted to offer an open and honest service ensuring the customer got the information they needed with as little input from them so an informed decision can be made. Not aligning the Apertus Group up to single suppliers meant that across the board the opportunity to create competition is at the heart of getting the customer the right deal for them. After all procurement should be open and honest shouldn’t it…

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