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Let’s talk car badges…

When you think of luxury cars, a few iconic brands spring to mind. But why not those that offer high-end, high-quality, and high-comfort driving experiences at an affordable price? 57% of people say they only look at their perceived brand bracket when choosing their next car. Maybe you see yourself as a BMW, Mercedes or …

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Case Study: Futures Leisure

Finding the right suppliers for you and your business can be a long and complicated process. Contracts that no longer suit your company’s needs, and suppliers overcharging for a service can affect the day to day running of your business. Lee Shipley from Futures Leisure contacted us when he needed help with analysing and re-appointing …

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Energy Broker vs Energy Supplier

Simply put, the differences come down to pricing structure and the service you receive. Energy Supplier Utility costs make up some of the most significant expenses associated with running a business. For many business owners, that can also translate to a lot of time and energy spent trying to understand and navigate utility options, usage …

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Range Rover

What car should you look at for 2020?

Budget –  Renault Kadjar 1.3TCE 140 S Edition So you are looking for a reasonably sized car, few gadgets and something that doesn’t look like it was put together in the dark with a hammer and a shot gun. Take a look at Renaults answer to the small SUV market.  The Kadjar comes in at …

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So, you’ve appointed a business energy broker?

You’ve worked our way up to the lofty position in the business that you are now responsible for the Energy Procurement? You’ve had a look at your bills and what you didn’t realise is that the scientific writing degree you laughed at in the open university booklet in 1989 would have really came in handy …

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An exciting announcement!

We are delighted to announce the arrival of Lisa Stewart and Bryan Griffin to the Apertus Group. Lisa joins as Office Manager and will head up the administrative team, and comes with a wealth of office management experience. Bryan has over 30 years of sales experience, and heads up the sales team as National Sales …

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Still Have the Energy of a Three-Year-Old!

I sit here at my desk putting together my thoughts on The Apertus Group being three years old. What started on a train ride home from work, to explain to my partner that I wanted to go self-employed with our 3-month-old baby and maternity pay looming will probably still rate as my toughest sales pitch …

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When are your contract prices “deemed” to be too high?

Speaking with some of our customers at the start of the year, reducing overheads and budget management seem to be the big “resolutions” for 2019! So, is there a way to use your utilities to help? With energy prices on the rise, too many companies are paying more for their business energy contract than they …

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Are you comparing apples with pears? … Are you comparing at all?

With the cost of business energy making the news in 2018, the ability to shop around for your utility contract is more important now than ever. Yet it has been reported recently that there is a reluctance from SMEs to change suppliers or even investigate the subject. Many business owners are not aware that they …

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flame image

Comment on Ofgem’s Proposed Price Cap for Domestic Energy Tariffs

Once your energy contract ends, energy companies put you on to variable rates, where essentially the supplier can charge you whatever they deem fit… who knows what that is? Recently, energy regulator, Ofgem, have proposed a price cap on this for domestic energy tariffs which would force suppliers to cap their tariffs at £1,136 a …

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Case Study: Eckland Lodge

Getting out of my car I had forgotten how rural the area was with a short drive out of Northamptonshire. I was visiting Eckland Lodge Business Park near Market Harborough for a meeting with Daniel and Leigh who are the management team at Eckland. We had met at a mutual networking meeting and had gotten …

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speedpac sign

Client Case Study: Speedpac

Debts from an energy contract and high utility bills is any business’s idea of a nightmare, and with communication with gas and electricity companies not being the easiest at times, it’s reassuring to have a company that can help with every single step. This was the case with Wellingborough based packaging company, Speedpac. We were …

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energy price rises

Energy Prices Continue To Rise…WATT Can You Do?

We’re sure you will have seen all over the news recently that, along with the price of everything else, the price of energy is continuing to rise, with an estimation that it will continue to do so for the next two years. The people in the know think you will be looking at a 15% …

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