Let’s talk car badges…

When you think of luxury cars, a few iconic brands spring to mind. But why not those that offer high-end, high-quality, and high-comfort driving experiences at an affordable price?

57% of people say they only look at their perceived brand bracket when choosing their next car.

Maybe you see yourself as a BMW, Mercedes or Audi owner, and wouldn’t consider the competition? This way of thinking could cause you to miss out on an amazing car deal at a better price, getting you more for your money…

We believe this to be the case with the new Kia Sportage GT Line. Relatively unknown in the SUV arena, the Sportage GT Line certainly holds it’s own.

Let’s start with the exterior…

  • 19” alloys
  • Dark chrome finishes
  • Privacy glass 
  • Heated front windscreen wipers

These additions to the Sportage show that not only has the GT Line got the standard creature comforts we expect to find in our SUV’s, but that Kia, as they often do, have gone above and beyond thinking of what the customer needs and provided customers with a premier driving experience.

Inside you have all the basics…

  • Dual A/C
  • Heated front and rear seats
  • DAB radio
  • Reversing camera
  • Apple and Android Car Play
  • Rear USB ports
  • 360-degree sensors

There’s really nothing basic about it… Partner this with stunning driving experience, 50+ MPG, and the peace of mind of a 7 year (or 100,000 miles) warranty, what does the badge you love have, that the Kia Sportage GT Line doesn’t?

Get in touch with the team at The Apertus Group for amazing 12-month contracts on the Kia Sportage GT Line for under £280 (for business users for 18,000 miles a year).


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