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What car should you look at for 2020?

Budget –  Renault Kadjar 1.3TCE 140 S Edition

So you are looking for a reasonably sized car, few gadgets and something that doesn’t look like it was put together in the dark with a hammer and a shot gun. Take a look at Renaults answer to the small SUV market. 

The Kadjar comes in at a starting price of just over £20,000. For that you will get a 1.3l petrol 6 speed manual. The little 1.3 will still get you from 0 – 60 in 10.4 seconds and onto a top speed if you so wish of 126mph. I know right?? The reason this could be the car for you is the spec level as standard. With this model you get the following.

  • Cruise control
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • 7-inch touch screen
  • Lane departure warning
  • Apple CarPlay
  • Auto Dim rear mirror
  • Rear Parking camera.
  • Auto lights

Considering this is a “lower” spec vehicle what else do you need? The tax is a little high at £210 and you will get (if miss daisy is a regular passenger) just over 42 MPG but the space inside feels huge due to the massive front screen making you feel like the pope and is a genuine 5 seater. This “little” gem of a car isn’t for a sales guy, maybe not even a company person at all but school runs and popping to the shops would be bread and butter to the Kadjar. If you travel 10,000 miles or less, like a good few creature comforts and have mini you’s for the back seats this could be the one for you!


Executive – Audi A6 Black Edition

A long term favourite of mine, the A6 black edition is the perfect mix of genuine looks with the day to day drivability to make this a monster in the “executive” division. I am not sure why they offer the car in anything but black, but they do. The Avant model really has the estate market wrapped up in knots, nothing in my opinion comes close to looking as good. With a 3.0ltr diesel (268 BHP) quattro version getting from zero to north of 60 in under 6 seconds and on to a “limited” 155mph it really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Now it’s not what we can say cheap, with this model tipping the £50,000 mark but with its rivals being the BMW 530d Msport touring (£57k) and the Mercedes E320d AMG line Estate (£58k) this sits very well in class. For that you get-

  • Bose surround sound
  • Audi Parking Plus system
  • Audi Music interface
  • Keyless go
  • Auto boot Lid
  • Black Styling pack
  • Heated door mirrors
  • Cruise control
  • High Beam assist
  • Auto light and rain sensors
  • Total boot capacity with seats down of 1680ltrs 

This makes the Audi A6 Avant a real powerhouse in the family and professional market. Let’s take stock, if you want a car that looks like David Beckham, drives like something from tron and will keep the family happy this could seriously be the car for you! If you have the spare budget from a small oil rich country look at the new RS6 Avant…but be prepared for a wait on a new model…


Range Rover Vogue

Now you may think that this vehicle only works to and from school in Cheshire with a Versace air freshener, but this is an ever growing piece of the British motoring scene. Granted this isn’t going to be an impulse buy for most people with the 3.0 LITRE 6-CYLINDER 258PS TURBOCHARGED DIESEL model coming in at £85,000 before you start adding toys!! 

A personal thought of mine is if you want a 4×4, get a 4×4…. If you want a sports car then get a sports car. The range rover tries to cover all the bases with its range. From the Range Rover sport to the SVR model they genuinely have bridged the gap of a 4×4 that will outperform most coupe’s out there. But is that what you want? I will take a high driving position, with a ride like your favourite man cave on 4 wheels every day of the week. The three-litre engine throws out a modest 258 BHP and will still get your 3.1 tonne living room from 0 to 60 in 7.5 second should the last space at Starbucks look in jeopardy but can still pull most peoples cars out of the space with 443 lbs of torque. 

Now running one of these isn’t cheap, but you don’t buy a range rover new if you are worried about the running costs. Tax per year is just shy of £1300 and a set of tires will set you back a short break in Magaluf but these are all things you would expect. The Range Rover has had its critics in the past for reliability issues but the good in my opinion far outweighs these. The only question on my mind that I just CAN’T shake is the Land Rover Discovery? Yes, the number plate makes the back look like the guy from the Goonies but is that worth £30,000? The inside is almost identical and the Discovery if anything is better off road (not that we will ever use that unless it snows near the school). So what will you be spending the extra money on…..You’ll be spending it on that one time you pull up next to a discovery at the lights and the guy looks your car up and down with that resigned look on their face that they wish they had yours!

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