Are you comparing apples with pears? … Are you comparing at all?

With the cost of business energy making the news in 2018, the ability to shop around for your utility contract is more important now than ever. Yet it has been reported recently that there is a reluctance from SMEs to change suppliers or even investigate the subject.

Many business owners are not aware that they can shop around, and if they are, the adage of lack of time, fear of the grass not always being greener, or the hassle of the actual change often result in companies just renewing with their existing supplier or, worse yet, just rolling onto out of contract rates!

Start comparing with a business energy broker

A business energy broker can dramatically reduce fears on all these fronts. Clarity in any area of business is an owner’s best friend and deciding on your business energy contracts with all the information is the smart choice. With a broker removing all the grey areas, you will know if your current deal was right for your business, whether tweaks are needed for your next contract and have a range of quotes for your business spend for the next few years.

The real beauty of these quotes is the fact that in an open market you create competition. This in turn lowers the price in the market and raises the service level you should receive. These are areas classed in the “low hanging fruit” of savings your company can make. Comparing your renewal from your current supplier against these quotes should see improvements onto your bottom line…FACT. Sometimes these reviews can save against current costs and that’s fruit delivered straight to your door surely?

All businesses must look at future proofing, it’s imperative for growth but how many are using all the tools they have for this? Your utility supply may have many areas that business owners simply ignore and getting the right consultant to offer help and advice is key. Having an expert that will keep you on top of the best deals, and offer the right contracts for your business, can lead to the broker being a valued partner in your business.

If you think that a review of your current business energy supply would help with your budgets for 2019 or you simply want some advice or explanation of your energy portfolio speak to Apertus. After all procurement should be open and honest! Give us a call on 01604 212828 or fill out our online contact form.

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