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Comment on Ofgem’s Proposed Price Cap for Domestic Energy Tariffs

Once your energy contract ends, energy companies put you on to variable rates, where essentially the supplier can charge you whatever they deem fit… who knows what that is? Recently, energy regulator, Ofgem, have proposed a price cap on this for domestic energy tariffs which would force suppliers to cap their tariffs at £1,136 a year.

Whilst this sounds great, don’t you think that energy companies should put more of a focus on ensuring their customers don’t go out of contract?

Energy companies are always quick to call customers when they don’t pay their bill, or if they want you as a new customer. But would this time not be better spent trying to maintain their customers?

In the corporate market, brokers put a huge focus on managing their customers to ensure that they never go onto out-of-contract rates. They’ll give you a renewal window of 6-12 months and will call you up to make sure that you don’t go out of contract. This is something that we believe energy companies should adopt for their domestic customers.

Find out more about Ofgem’s proposed cap on domestic tariffs here: https://news.sky.com/story/energy-regulator-ofgem-proposes-price-cap-on-energy-tariffs-11491309

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