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Client Case Study: Speedpac

Debts from an energy contract and high utility bills is any business’s idea of a nightmare, and with communication with gas and electricity companies not being the easiest at times, it’s reassuring to have a company that can help with every single step. This was the case with Wellingborough based packaging company, Speedpac.

We were invited into Speedpac by a third-party solicitor from Northamptonshire to see if we could aid them in a disagreement and a legal dilemma with their current supplier, British Gas.

Shortly after being referred, we attended a meeting with the Managing Director of Speedpac, David Brocklehurst, at their head office in Park Farm Industrial Estate in Wellingborough. We talked through their problem from start to finish to see whether we could assist, or certainly at least offer some advice to help them with the situation.

David met with us and broke down the facts regarding their past supply, their attempts to get into a new contract, the amount of outstanding debt and the fact that a contract had been offered and rescinded from British Gas due to a mistake on their part regarding the meter type after signature.

After breaking this down when we got back to the office we contacted British Gas and started negotiations on a new energy contract. This was our only option due to the credit rating being affected during the period of disagreement. As you expect from any company, British Gas wanted a commitment of payment on the outstanding balance before contracted rates would be offered. We began intense negotiations regarding the debt and structured a payment plan with a discount of nearly 55% for payment within 30 days and the length of time the customer had been out of contract. This saved the customer multiple tens of thousands of pounds and gave us the opportunity to offer a single year contract to reduce the out of contract rates.

With our relationship with British Gas we could call and speak directly to a Corporate analysts manager who could make decisions on Speedpac in real time, with the information we offered in a joint effort to help manage Speedpac out of the situation and get them back into a contracted situation and let Apertus manage their utilities going forward.

When we contracted Speedpac into their single year energy contract this was not only with a view to limit the risk to British Gas but to also build the trust back up again between supplier and customer. At this point, we spoke to David for the first time regarding our fee. Yes, we had our initial meeting AND negotiated a new energy contract with the supplier before even speaking about our own fees! At Apertus we charge in the same way most brokers do. We add a commission onto the unit rate that the customer pays the end supplier. This in the case was negotiated with Speedpac to ensure all parties were happy. We don’t start earning money from you until the contract is taken out.

After 6 months of leaving the British Gas contract in place we scheduled a meeting with David to go over the situation again to ensure he was happy and to give him feedback from British Gas regarding his account. At the point we were able to contract Speedpac for a further 3 years with British Gas ensuring that the company was benefiting from competitive pricing due to the hard work all parties had undertaken to manage the situation.

Speaking about Apertus Group, David Brocklehurst of Speedpac said:

“Apertus Group were introduced to us when we were having large issues with our current supply due to a misunderstanding with a previous contract. They came in and managed the problem from start to finish, reducing the outstanding amount and placing our business in a contract to minimise costs going forward.”

If you’re in a similar situation to Speedpac, or you simply think your business energy contract is higher than it should be, get in touch with the team at Apertus Group to arrange a meeting. Give us a call on 01604 212828, or fill out our short contact form on our website. Now is the time to find the most cost-effective energy contract for your business.

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